Official High Visibility Dog Singlet

These dog high vis singlets are very close to our hearts. They came from a need that Tonka (being the hard working Aussie tradie dog he is) had to be safe on site, visible and instantly seen as a crew member to other trades and passers by. On occasion certain sites sadly wouldn’t permit him (Still happens sometimes!) and having the uniform sometimes helped in avoiding that.

So back to the singlet… there were many prototypes before landing on the final perfect fit. He needed a dog high vis vest that had no bells and whistles, Jerkboss was not interested in zips and buttons and anything that would add time onto his day. To keep Tonka comfortable, it also had to be fitted as to avoid getting caught on anything on the worksite, it also had to be breathable. So it was produced from the same yellow fluro high visibility fabric that his crew wear. The next hurdle was making it comfortable that he would actually leave it on, which meant the added soft ribbing around the neck and armholes together with a generous armhole for his wide shoulders, as to avoid pulling under his front legs. The overall back length had to be shortened, as the fabric was grabbing on his fur and pulling down resulting in not being comfortable around his neck.

So after 12 months we finally got there. There are so many hard working dogs that need to be visible and safe, so we pushed to have them commercial made, as sadly there is limited practical dog safety wear available. This then included size testing on many dogs, ranging from Jack Russels, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Maltese. The sizes were based around Tonka wearing a Large, with the added bonus of the stretch the fits were all fantastic.  Thus began Tonka’s line of Officially endorsed High Visibility Dog Singlets. He has definitely made his mark on the Dog Safety Clothing Market (Who would be more qualified, right?).

They are available to purchase now in all sizes from XS to XL (Although currently XS and Small are almost sold out).

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